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Resources and Presentations

Learning by Choice and Discovery

In Learning by Choice and Discovery, we dissect the pivotal document produced by Ontario’s  PEEL District School Board which holistically addresses learners, educators, the learning environment, and each community stakeholder in its approach to 21st century learning. Then we will spiral back to question and understand how our post-industrial model of education is entrenched and causing difficulty within our Islamic communities and how we can change.

Wholistic Needs of the Teachers or Don't be the Crazy Chicken!

With the current political situation, it seems that our community is truly needing some self-care strategies, and teachers in our Islamic schools must take care of themselves. We are the caretakers of so many and must intelligently survey our situation with regards to spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual status. Attendees will seek guidance from Islam, acquire a grasp of research in these realms, develop a vision, and plan to create strategies for personal and professional reform.

Coaching Teachers & Students: Establishing a Culture of Trust

Performance evaluations make us cringe and they provoke anxiety, whether we are the administrator, teacher, or student. Viewed as a cat and mouse game, we understand that someone in a supervisory capacity has to make judgments to justify their position and to find angles to keep the subject under scrutiny motivated to improve.

Help! I Have a Sick School! Principal and Teacher Evaluations Can Heal...and they can also hurt!

As I consult and speak with teachers, principals, and board members from around the U.S., a malaise is evident and blaming other parties is the norm. No one relishes the prospect of being the focus, nor the judge, of an evaluation. There are plenty of models and guides that are available, but they typically are subjective, even when attempting to quantify a particular attribute. Herein lies a solution, research-based and nurturing to school communities. 

Principal’s Gold Mine: Organizational Value and Resources of a PTO

Involvement of parents gives us the most critical key since the 1966 Coleman Report told us that of all the “differences” analyzed, it was not so much the difference in schools, administrators, or teachers but rather the “differences in families” that transfer the importance of education, habits, and disciplines which influence students’ academic achievement (Wherry, 2007). Studies since that time have long confirmed this. Parents are busier today than ever, and many fail to recognize the vital role they play and the strategies they can employ to bolster the efforts of their students’ schools. There are many ways a PTO can positively impact your school, but first, connections need to be established.

Islamic Schools: Parents & Teachers: Guiding Our Children

Over the last several years, we have seen an increase in negative influences on our youth’s character and Islamic identity. This session will offer you resources and insights to help you nurture children to help them internalize Islamic values.  

Education in the Digital Age: Empowering Minds, Shaping Careers


In an era of digital advancements, Islamic education is at the forefront of empowering Muslim communities. With a proud legacy spanning six decades in the U.S., Muslim institutions, seminaries, and educational platforms are on the rise. Join us to explore how this educational revolution inspires a generation to pursue knowledge, work towards meaningful causes, and make a lasting impact on the world.

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