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Participatory Techniques


What's the best way to learn? Actually, DO IT! This workshop teaches the best techniques to get classes engaged so that everyone has minds on task!


Starting a Flipped Classroom



Flipped classes sometimes flop! Unless teachers have a well planned set of strategies prior to implementation, there could be utter chaos...or great success. Learn the way!


Middle School Behavior Tactics


Did you know that Middle School years wasted can be very detrimental to future achievement? This presentation coaches teachers in our effective tactics to maximize their value as instructors.


Developing Executive Skills in Students


Identifying certain skills and actually developing learning strategies can carry students far in their endeavor toward success in school and life. Find out what they are and what you can do.

Reaching Reluctant Teachers


Sometimes teachers and other employees get in a rut, or they fear the unknown. Others sense a threat to their power when new methods are expected. This workshop opens doors!


Technology Toolbox!



What would a lesson be without a variety of savory methods that pique the appetite of learners? The Tech Toolbox can open new ideas for your teachers' plans and students' activities.

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