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Better Business comes in many packages


Entrepreneurs have setbacks and experiences that have taught them how to jump back in and use their networks to their advantage. Your personal development with Genius School's partners and resources can assist most challenges that entrepreneurs may face. Talk with us and see if we can give you traction.

Entrepreneur Training
Islam, Cultural Awareness, Diversity & Tolerance

Entrepreneurs work concepts, business plans, funding, marketing, and networking. Along the way, they may need a different kind of analysis and coaching that can help them break through the many hurdles they face.


Experience from a wide range of resources and fresh management can help business professionals.

It's a diverse world. Business and Education professionals need to have questions answered candidly and by someone who understands similarities and differences among cultures.


Keeping the "other" at a distance hurts our nation and breeds discord where there need be none. Give your staff the chance to ask questions in a neutral setting and get the answers straight.


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