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Entrepreneur Training

What's the difference between having an entrepreneurial vision and being an entrepreneur? ACTION! Every entrepreneur has found that personal development has driven their success. Seek our coaching to drive yours to a higher level.

Concept Brainstorming


Design your dream business through our coaching process. First, detail your interests, talents, preferences, and things you wish to avoid. Confront your fears and roadblocks to progress.


Then analyze and refine brainstorming over a few sessions, and work through all the logistics and realities of where you are in life and where you really want to go.


Land on that golden plan for your future business.

Start Up Guidance


Start your engines! It's time for the Business Plan, and Genius School can guide you through its components and design.


A significant part of nearly every business that succeeds, according to research, the business plan helps you detail and anticipate the road to follow.


Taking the steps to research and design a comprehensive plan can avoid a catastrophe, and it adds credibility to your enterprise.

Marketing to the Masses


Decide which are the best routes to meet the masses for your company. Whether it be from press releases, social media, print ads, internet advertising, trade shows, word-of-mouth, or billboards. You have to have a strategy and design campaigns.


We can help you with our network of experts to figure out a plan and forecast a budget.


Then track your results and refine strategy using a scientific approach.

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