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Better Brains and Bodies
Health is Wealth, as they say, and knowing how to take care of the Brain and Body is necessary for optimal performance. These workshops have been created for adults and children to engage, inspire, and inform.

Creativity Training

Challenging the brain to look for new perspectives and insights is recognized as the key to innovation and finding solutions to tough problems. What is more appealing though, is that eliciting creativity is also FUN!

What Smart Students Know

Combining case studies and research, there are several patterns of thinking and tactics that successful students utilize. All teachers and parents should be versed in them, and this workshop gives those secrets away.

Battling Obesity with Knowledge and Activity

Obesity is a serious threat to nations, and populations of obese people are growing exponentially. Knowledge is the first defense. This presentation lays that groundwork and then involves audiences to make their own system for countering obesity and promoting health for themselves and their families. 

Increasing Brain Power

Based on research, there are specific strategies that you can do to increase your brain power that are completely natural and advised. Learn the tactics and share them with others, as we commit to systematize for Brain Power!

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