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In the Stress-Less, Live Happily mini course...
You'll Get Insights and Strategies to Stress-Less and Live Happily

  • Sort through the clutter in your mind

  • Target just the ONE THING that you'll start to address

  • Get the Keystone Strategies that work!

  • Get some "Feel Good" ideas to be nice to YOU

  • Learn some Guerilla Tactics that get you back on track

We all feel stress, but you don't have to suffer

Keynotes and Speaking

OnlineTraining & Workshops for Schools and Businesses 

Mentorship for Entrepreneurs  Educators and Students


Leadership Coaching for Principals and Boards


This class gave me a clearer perspective on relationships and power structures between principal, parent groups, and teachers.

-Principal's Goldmine: Organizational Value and Resources of a PTO


I am always in awe with Susan's ability to give beyond our expectations and be the top performer in every project. She loves her work and it shines through with the positive energy she shows up with every time.

I was impressed with the session and learned a lot of beneficial things that I hope to incorporate into my class.

-The Best Instruction for the Optimal Learning Experience


Her way of mixing Islamic teachings and mainstream practices was amazing.... Following having her speak to my couple of mastermind groups, I am looking forward to having her as a keynote to a conference I am organizing for Muslim entrepreneurs.

Master Your Mind, Optimize Your Brain

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