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"Susan is a professional and an expert in the use of technology to advance the learning of students. She is innovative in her approach and is keen to share her ideas through professional training sessions that she offers for teachers. Her initiatives as a board member in several organizations has helped to advance ideas that are valuable to the progress and success of the community."

Farhat Siddiqui-Education Leadership and Organizational Management

"I have known Ms Susan Labadi for several years. She is a top notch professional as she leads the American Halal Association's projects management. She writes and edits fine articles and research papers; handles website design and content management; and does social media across the board from Facebook to Twitter content with updates, graphics and photos. In addition, she is well informed on the latest developments nationally and globally as far as the Halal Industry is concerned, and she directing enquiries to the right sources. Susan also has been emcee and participated in several conferences pertaining to the American Muslim Consumers Conference (AMCC) and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). She is truly a leader with resolve and a professional approach." 

Ahmad Adam-President/CEO Crescent Foods and President of The American Halal Association


I was impressed with the session and learned a lot of beneficial things that I hope to incorporate into my class. 

-The Best Instruction for the Optimal Learning Experience


This class gave me a clearer perspective on relationships and power structures between principal, parent groups, and teachers.

-Principal's Goldmine: Organizational Value and Resources of a PTO


Loved the activities in class. Awesome way of presenting and very informative. 

-Minds on Task: Capturing the Best in Participatory Techniques


The presenter, Susan Labadi, was amazing.


Excellent presentation!

-Accreditation For Your School:  Meeting the Challenge


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