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Purpose - What Drives You?

Purpose: What Drives You?

By Susan Labadi

Still trying to find out what is your Purpose? It’s the thing that drives you. It never gets stale, and it remains a challenge that warrants the expenditure of your energy and time.

Perhaps you’ve not overtly identified it or called it as such, but it motivates you, represents your highest values and gives your life its meaning.

Still not sure what it is? Well, consider what you deem important. What represents your values? Where are your interests and strengths? What is most dear to you?

From these answers you can find the common denominators that give you direction and set your path.

Sometimes we get mired down and caught in ruts that allow us to forget our purpose. At times, it’s useful to evaluate and correct course. What is your purpose, your intended legacy? What are you doing to honor your intentions?

Each month, I ask myself these questions to hold myself accountable, and I believe they have been game changers for my own personal development.

My Monthly Accountability Questions

1. Where am I right now? (in bullets)

2. What are my recent wins in the last month? What experiences and progress have I made?

3. What wins do I want to achieve in the next month? What are my short-term goals?

4. What are my expectations for myself within this year?

5. What would I like to have accomplished 3 years from now? What are my top 3 outcomes?

Do you have a system to keep yourself on track toward your purpose? If so, feel free to share.

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